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ATF Fluid. Automatic Transmission


Bottle: 5 L.

Box: 3 uds.

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68,69 € tax incl.

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ATF synthetic hydraulic fluid. Especially suited for automatic transmissions, servo-devices, powerassisted steering. Provides a smooth performance without transmission knocks. Provides high protection against corrosion and excellent fluidity at low temperatures. Prevents foaming and provides rubber seal stability.

QUALITY LEVELS .GM DEXRON IIIG / IID-IIE FORD MERCON ALLISON C-4 TES-228, TES 389 MB 236.9 – MB 236.5 ZF TE-ML 02F/03D/04D/05L/09/11A/17C/21L Caterpillar TO-2 Man 339 TYPE V1/Z1 Voith 55.6336 XXX VOLVO STD 1273.40/127.341 FORD SQM9010B / M2C138CJ -M2C166H - M2C185A